Forno Allegro Della Nonna XXL Gas Pizzaofn

Upprunalegt verð 799.000 kr - Upprunalegt verð 799.000 kr
Upprunalegt verð 799.000 kr
799.000 kr
799.000 kr - 799.000 kr
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XXL Gas or Della Nonna XXL Gas is one of the largest pizza ovens on the market that works perfectly for the whole family and good company! Nonna Della holds a total of 6 pizzas with its back surface of 82x90cm and reaches temperatures up to 500°C!

A perfect oven to have outside for your outdoor kitchen, even if you are just starting to build one or want to complete yours! The Forno Allegro XXL is made of 100% stainless steel by local Italian craftsmen in the factory in Bompietro, Sicily. The oven is equipped with a thermometer and the stones are lava stones of the highest quality with a thickness of 3 cm.

The perfect oven for you who bake pizza at a professional level, either in a bakery or at an event. Or for those of you who just love baking pizza and want a really big piece in your garden or on your patio.

Total Power: 19 kW
Max. Consumption: About 550 g/h

The oven has a 10 cm thick insulation!
The opening has a ceiling height of 21 cm.

Regulator not included, purchased separately!