Forno Allegro Nonno Peppe Luxury Gas Pizzaofn

Upprunalegt verð 299.000 kr - Upprunalegt verð 299.000 kr
Upprunalegt verð 299.000 kr
299.000 kr
299.000 kr - 299.000 kr
Núverandi verð 299.000 kr

Nonno Peppe Luxury is a mixture of the regular Nonno Peppe and the smaller gas stove Surriento.

In terms of size, it is like the Nonno Peppe, but just like the Surriento, it is a gas stove without a chimney with a two-part handmade Biscotti stone at the bottom. The model of the oven itself is exactly like Nonno Peppe, it is large and holds 2 pizzas and can be heated up to a maximum of 500 degrees. Size inside the oven is 52x60 with burners on the side. The stone is divided into 2 parts.

Heating up the oven takes about 20 minutes and thanks to the fact that it is gas, the heat is easier to control. Just like the surriento (but bigger), the Luxury has a generous back surface and a large opening, which allows you to cook everything from pizza and bread to lasagne and other dishes. The oven has a stainless steel door, while the thick insulation means that the oven can also maintain high temperatures even when it is windy and cold, as it often is in our long country.

The baking stone is 3 cm thick in Biscotti stone, made of clay from Sicily. The stone is porous and stores heat very well, which is perfect for baking pizza.

Luxury is made of 100% stainless steel and comes directly from Italy.

Total Power: 15 kW
Max. Consumption: About 450 g/h