Forno Allegro Surriento Gas Pizzaofn

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Surriento - Powerful gas stove with the biscotti toast

Surriento is a fantastic oven for home use. Small and flexible with a powerful burner and a biscotti toaster that gives your pizzas a nice base. The oven is made of stainless steel 304, which copes well with our Swedish climate and the oven works brilliantly even in winter.

Insulated for more even heat

Surriento is very well insulated, which means that it heats up in about 15 minutes while maintaining an even temperature. This makes the oven reliable even at colder temperatures and when it is windy. In addition to rapid heating, the oven is also able to store the heat that arises, which is unusual for "simpler" ovens. This allows you to bake several pizzas one after the other without having to heat up the stone after each pizza. The oven comes with a door, which also provides faster heating.

With the help of the powerful burner you reach temperatures in the oven of up to 550 °C and the stone can reach temperatures around 450 °C, making it perfect for Neapolitan pizza. The burner's output is 10 kw.

Surriento is equipped with small feet underneath, but we recommend that you place the oven on a refractory material.

Generous back surface and world-class back stone

Surriento, unlike other gas ovens, has a generous back surface and a large opening, which allows you to cook everything from pizza and bread to lasagne and other dishes. Above all, the Surriento is a little higher in the ceiling than many other gas ovens, which means that bread baking will not be a problem as it might otherwise be. 

Surriento has a handmade 3 cm thick biscotti, made from clay from Sicily. The thickness of the stone means that it can store heat in itself, which makes it easier when baking several pizzas one after the other. The stone is also porous and a little knobbly on the surface, which means that air holes between the bottom of the pizza and the stone can occur, which prevents the bottom of the pizza from being burnt. In other words, it is easier to get nice pizza bases than on many other stones.

  • Total Power: 10 kW
  • Max. Consumption: 300 g/h
  • Regulator is purchased separately