Grillsett 3 stk. - Bursti, spaði, tangir

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Upprunalegt verð 9.900 kr
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Stylish and high-quality utensil set containing a frying pan, grill tongs and grill brush. All grill utensils are made of stainless steel and have partly wooden handles, which gives a luxurious feel.

Frying shovel

- With a sharp and pointy tip, which means you can easily pick up food that sticks to the grill grates or the griddle. The spatula also has a jagged left side, which is great for splitting things quickly and smoothly without resistance.

Grill brush

- The brush has a solid shaft which does not fail or bend when you brush hard. The brush head consists of steel fringes that clean both cast iron grates and stainless steel grates without any problems.

Grilling stick 41cm

- Long handle with a soft spring that is not too hard, which is nice if you grill a lot of things and have to turn the food several times.