Ooni Pan Pizza Spatula

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The Ooni Pan Pizza Spatula is the ultimate tool for removing and slicing deep dish and other pan-style pizzas before serving.

The Ooni Pan Pizza Spatula features a wide blade head with a beveled edge that cuts through the most baked-on crusts so you can effortlessly lift pizzas out of the pan, every time.

The strong, flexible, watertight handle is easy to grip, durable and comfortable to use. The spatula has a premium-grade satin brushed finish that’s durable, food-safe and easy to clean.

Key Features
  • Wide rectangular spatula head that slides easily under the pizza to lift slices out of the pan
  • P remium-grade brushed stainless steel finish that’s durable, easy to clean and looks absolutely fabulous
  • Slim profile spatula blade with chamfered edges to cut through the toughest baked-on crust
  • Sleek, durable handle that’s easy to grip and comfortable to use
  • Dimensions: 36.5cm x 16.4cm x 6.1cm (14.37″ x 6.46″ x 2.40″)
  • Weight: 0.306kg (0.67lb)
  • Materials: SS 304 (spatula head), polypropylene homopolymer (spatula handle)


The Ooni Spatula is compatible with Ooni Detroit-style pizza pans

We designed the wide spatula head to lift pan pizza without tearing the pizza base.

For the Ooni Detroit-style Pizza Pan (Medium) any side of the pan can be used to lift the whole pizza, while for the Detroit-style Pizza Pan (Small) use the long end to lift the pizza.

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